February 14, 2014

Wedding Videos!

In honor of Valentine's day and our six month anniversary being just a few days ago, I wanted to share some videos from our reception and wedding! All decor/wedding planning was done by Laura Stagg and her staff at Forevermore Events.  All filmography was done by Brad Winegar at Forevermore Films.  ENJOY!

Our love story: https://vimeo.com/76025603

Reception/Wedding dinner: http://vimeo.com/86754436

Wedding/Bridal: http://vimeo.com/86754437 (Password is "forevermore")

If you're confused why my hair is different and the venues are different throughout the videos, we did our parties backwards.  Our reception was the night before our wedding (8/9/13) in Monroe and our wedding was the next day (8/10/13) in St. George.  There are bits and pieces of each day in each video.  I totally wish I could just show my 25 minute long one but I won't. :) If you can believe it, before a few years ago, the reception area (located at Race's house/ranch) was just a bunch of dirt and trees and such.  Now, after Race and his dad (with a little help ;)) COMPLETELY renovated it, it's one of the most beautiful, relaxing places I've ever been to. 

Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope everyone is blessed enough to find the type of person that I found to share forever with!  


February 9, 2014

Trip to Flagstaff

My friend Lexi and I made the 5 hour trip to Flagstaff over the weekend. Lexi's fiancĂ© plays on SUU's team with Race and we've become quite good friends over the last few months. We go to the gym together every day and it's been good to have someone here in Cedar to hang out with when our boys are gone - or not gone. The first night in Flagstaff we ate at Oregano's, swimsuit shopped at Target and hung out with our boys and went to coldstone with them and some of the basketball team. On Saturday, I met John (Lexi's fiance)'s family, Lexi's family, went to downtown Flagstaff and saw my dream dog. We went to the game and cheered our hearts out - they ended up losing, again! :( Too many losses in a row is really frustrating but I just tell Race to keep working hard and everything will get better. We hung out with Lexi's family (they're all from Phoenix) this morning, went to the mall, and headed home! The boys won't be home until Tuesday - they have a game in Sacramento tomorrow - so it's just me being a loner again! (Basketball wife problems.) I need a dog. Anyway, it was a pretty fun weekend! Second to last road trip of the season - YIPPPPEEE!!! 

If you know me at all, you know how much I love sunsets. AZ sunsets rock! I would love to move to Phoenix - I love the warmth, but Race says it's a hell hole. Sevier county is where we'll stay! 

Don't know why we didn't take pics in our #5 and #13 jerseys! Maybe next time. 


February 5, 2014

A New Adventure

Hi friends!

I am totally new to the blogging world.  I literally had to get so much help just to create this simple blog (THANK YOU, you know who you are!)  I hope to be able to keep up on this online journal of mine - I take SO many pictures that go nowhere so I want to post them here.  Since I don't keep with up with my journal, I think it will be fun to do it on the computer since I am on my phone/computer 24/7!

My blog isn't to get a bunch of followers or readers and isn't to get famous, but to simply document the adventures of my new hubby and me!  Here's to all the new adventures that will come our way!