March 4, 2014

Basketball Season

Wow, I can't believe Race's first season of basketball is over! (Games and real practices, at least.)  I'm going to miss going to games and cheering on my #13, but there's NOTHING that tops the feeling of knowing he's going to be home with me every night until November rolls around. If you know me, I am extremely terrified of getting kidnapped. I carry pepper spray with me everywhere I go, I have extra locks for my door, a door stopper, and weapons in my room. Needless to say, I only stayed home alone once out of all nine of his trips. Seriously, I freak myself out. I usually went home, to St George, or had Lexi stay over. Or stayed up until five a.m. watching The Office. So glad I don't have to do that anymore! Wish I could get a dog.

I counted how many days he was gone on trips and it was 42 days! That's 20% of our marriage thus far. I'm a freak, yeah. Cheers to having him home for seven or so months! (Except his hunting trips, of course.) As much as I loved high school basketball (HAHA), college is WAY better, despite them losing and Race not playing as much as he did in high school. I love being with him before games, cooking him meals, and talking him through tough games and good practices. It was fun to watch some of his practices and go rebound for him when he put in extra hours. I still haven't beat him in Horse, but maybe by the end of four years, I'll get there. It's been such an amazing opportunity, despite how rollercoaster-like it's been.

This basketball season was definitely a rough one, to say the least. They had a pretty bad record (not going to give you the exact number.) And, of course, freshman year of college sports is always the hardest, concerning playing time, balancing school, and traveling. He averaged about 12 minutes a game and 4 points a game, not bad, but there were seven freshman on the team so a lot of freshman played. We are looking forward to next year and having a more successful season here at SUU! 

I went to four away trips: Weber State, Utah State, San Diego & San Diego State, and Northern Arizona. My whole family went to San Diego and it was a way fun trip! My family and his family has come to most of the home games and he has felt so much support from other relatives and friends from home and all over. We have both received countless texts, snapchats, Facebook posts, emails, and messages from people showing how much they love and support Race. It really has been a fun experience. Basketball has even strengthened our marriage! I cherish the time we get to spend together. It has helped us have good communication with our feelings about school and basketball. Being a student athlete is a busy task, but it helps develop a lot of character. Who would have thought Race could ever improve at anything, right? My perfect husband is just perfect. ;) I've loved the season, despite the ups and downs, and look forward to next season.

Here are lots of photos from the trips and the '13-'14 season: 

I liked to take pictures whenever he got in the game. :)
Snapchats from friends! 

@ San Diego State
When he practiced, I took selfies and laid down on their comfy chairs.

San Diego

Sea World

Yeah, I pack a lot. Sue me. 

My parents never stop making out. 
My cute sibs. 

My dad is so cute. 


I always took pictures when they were ahead. ;)

John & Lexi

My sis is a babe!! 

In the Deseret News
Way cute. 
The student body loved when he hit his threes! 

My cute game-watching friend, Ellie. She's darling. 
This the game they finally broke their losing streak! Race hit the only three pointer of the night, made game clenching free throws, got three tough rebounds and even a bloody lip! I can't believe he has persevered so well. He ended with nine points, beating the #2 team in the conference.

The next day in practice they had some students come and congratulate them on their long time coming win! 
The cheering section! My dad is usually there but had a busy day at work.

End of year banquet. 

There ya go! Here's to this roller coaster ride we've had! Now off to Disneyland! 


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