March 29, 2014

I love you, I love you, I love you

My grandma's sweet sister passed away last night from liver cancer. Although I did not know her that well, I had the opportunity to spend the day with her, my mom, and grandma a few months ago. She was in between her chemo treatments and she was feeling well enough to go to the House of The Lord and then on a quick lunch date to Pizza Factory. While in the temple, she kindly led me along and smiled at me as the session went on. I hadn't spent much time around her up until that point, but then and there I realized what a sweet lady she was. When we went to lunch, she and my grandma (they look like twins) just hugged each other, laughed together, and held each other close. When we got talking about her cancer, she said these words: "My cancer is just an adventure in my eternal life." We all almost teared up, thinking how wonderful of a perspective that was. Although I didn't know her that well, that is an experience I'll never forget. I want to strive to look at everything as an adventure, and have a more optimistic perspective on life. 

My mom told me a story a short while later that made me love Marlene even more. One day, she went up to her kind husband and said, "I'm going to give each of us a piece of paper, and we're both going to write down what we don't like about each other." They both sat at the table and started making lists. Once they showed each other the lists, she was astounded. While Marlene's read a long list of things that peeved her about her husband, Rod's paper had three words written over and over and over again. 

I hope we can all look for the good in each other and the good in our lives, with a twinkle in our eye. 


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