April 29, 2014

First year of college... CHECK!

The past couple weeks have probably been the most stressful of my life. We moved into a new place the weekend before finals week - it was on a whim and the application process was extremely overwhelming.  Thank heavens Race's family came down to help.  It took hours, but we got it done.  And thank goodness my dad was willing to let us borrow a large moving trailer from his store.  Score! Race and I both had test after test, paper after paper, and I literally couldn't handle it all. I cried so many times over the smallest things. (Some of them were big and reasonable, though.) I was mean to Race and basically hated everything about life. Now that I'm done with my finals, I can't believe I acted that way! Yes, life was more stressful than ever. Yes, married life can get rough. But who was I to take out my inner struggles out on my sweet husband! Well, he still did every load of laundry all week. He has cooked for me countless times and let me cry on his shoulder (I sound like an emotional wreck, but I'm usually a quite sound person). He took everything I said to him with a grain of salt. I am so lucky! I do feel bad for my stressed out attitude but boy can I say I'm glad moving and finals are over!  I actually quite enjoy school (it's kind of my thing), but once finals comes it's like "Get me out of here!" I finished all of my generals along with some psychology credits and will hopefully be graduated in two years. I plan on getting a Bachelor's in Family Life and Human Development with a minor in Psychology, and then go on to get a Master's in Social Work or Marriage and Family Therapy.
On the other hand, my best friend Bailey doesn't know this but whenever she tweets a general conference talk I read it and it brings me so much joy. She is so inspiring and lovely, I haven't seen her for months but I am so glad she is my best friend and the best example.  Love you Bay. And FREAKING COME HOME. Sorry if that just made you feel uncomfortable.  But I miss you. K.
I won't lie, I haven't been on a very spiritual level lately, but the past few nights the scriptures have really helped me realize how much I have to be grateful for. I am definitely on a guilt trip for being so ornery and ungrateful. The gospel is the best, God is forgiving, and I am blessed. 
We are going home for a few weeks (thank goodness) this weekend to stay with our families and then on a short trip to Phoenix with my family towards the end of May. I can't wait to get home, play with Dexter, see my sweet sister and parents, play golf at Cove View like old times, eat at the bowling alley, see my crazy grandma, and relax with my hubby. There's no place like home. I have never been so excited to be in Richfield (and Monroe, of course.) We will come back to Cedar after John and Lexi's wedding - Race has summer school and basketball workouts until August. I'll be on the job search.  Luckily we have some really good friends here or I'm not so sure I would be down staying in Cedar all summer. ;/
I have really wanted to share pictures from our fun shoot with Race's cousin Chelsie Sylvester, but haven't had time.  I have posted like a million on Facebook and Instagram but had to share more.  Chelsie just started with photography, and she is already amazing!  Thanks Chels!


xo, Carly

Oh yeah, moving out of our first apartment together was sooooo bittersweet.  Peace out Cinnamon Tree!

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