April 1, 2014

Happiest news

When we were at Disneyland, my brother Ben told us that he and Claira had to run to buy something in one of the shops for Claira's nephew. They were acting sort of suspicious, since they told us to just go get in line and they'd meet up with us later, but we didn't think much of it. When they came back, we're like "Where's the toy?" and they just said they had the store ship it to her nephew. We're like, uhh.... Yeah, okay. 
So as we were leaving Disneyland later that night, Race was on the phone with Jadie (his sister) and she was telling him that she needed Race to go to a certain shop on Disneyland Main Street to pick up a birthday present for me that they had called and had on hold. (I didn't know this at the time, so I didn't know what the heck we were doing going into this shop.)
When we got into the store, Race started Facetiming Jadie and her husband, Jackson. I just went and sat down outside because I was tired. Race got all anxious, thinking it was a surprise birthday present for me, so he told me to come inside and said that Jadie needed my "opinion" on something. 
When we got to the counter, they had no idea what we were talking about when we asked for something held under our name, so they sent us to another counter in the store. I was ornery and tired (I will admit) because we had been walking at Disneyland all day, and so I wasn't too smiley. When we got to the counter, we asked for something on hold for Parsons. 
Then, the lady working immediately put the cutest Mickey Mouse ONESIE on the counter. Of course, I automatically started bawling. (I've wanted a niece or nephew for ages.) Race didn't catch on quite as quick, since he thought he was picking something up for my birthday. He told me that the first thing that popped into his mind was that I was the pregnant one. HA! Yeah right. Anyway, it had a note on it that said, "You're going to be an aunt and uncle this October!" There was also two pins that said "Soon-to-be Aunt" and "Soon-to-be Uncle" on them. I about died. I was so happy and excited for them.


Three cheers to FINALLY going to be an aunt and uncle! It's been so hard keeping it a secret, especially since it's my first niece/nephew. So happy for Jadie and Jacks! 


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