May 19, 2014

Fam weekend trip to AZ!

For a few short days Race and I and all of my siblings and my parents took a road trip to Phoenix to lay by the pool and go to a Diamondbacks v. Dodgers game. We do a family baseball trip every summer (we're trying to go to all of the country's Major League baseball stadiums) and we couldn't go for longer than four days this year. So why not a quick trip to Phoenix?!  We stayed at the Hyatt Regency resort in Scottsdale. It was also my mom's birthday on the 17th so it worked out perfectly! The trip was pretty and perfect. Here's a lot (okay more than a lot) of photos to prove it: 

We made a pit stop at the Grand Canyon per birthday Mom's request. It was beautiful and quite frankly a little confusing. It was just a ginormous hole in the middle of nowhere. I liked it though. :) 

     My parents are darling. 

Oregano's: Too much food, too little stomach. So. Dang. Good. We ate there on the way there and on the way back. ;) 
        Four story slide^
We rented a cabana for the day. So worth it!

                                             The blossoms.  You're kidding, right?!

The resort had a four story slide. Quite entertaining!

Nick's endless mockery wasn't as funny as he thought. ;)                      

Aren't my brothers gems?

Room view! Is anyone ready to kill me yet? Well, there are a lot more photos coming. But this blog is basically for my purposes only. So you definitely don't have to keep reading! 

Race totally made fun of me for trying to get my shoes and bracelets in the pic.  I just told him to let me be me. :)
           Kershaw sucked and Puig did not impress me.

My cute family. So grateful for them. Happiest birthday to my mama!

Did I fool you? Still more pics coming. Muahahahaha. 

        Daily Diet Coke. 

The boys made fun of is the whole trip because we wanted to take so many pictures. So they'd hand me the camera and say, "Wait, one more!" or "Hold on, do my boobs look fat?" or "Let me get my good side!" Hahahaha they just love to mock and make fun of us. 

The pool even had a beach. The sand went into the water like twenty feet. So sweet! 
It was a good weekend with good people. Thanks to my awesome dad and mom for the trip!
Only one more week of vacation before Race goes back to school and basketball.  BLAH!  Job search time! If anyone knows of jobs in good ol' Cedar City, let me know! :)

Xo, Carly 

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