June 27, 2014


First and foremost: I don't know what the heck is going on with these pictures.  They're really saturated and ugly.  And I don't have any idea why. Sorry.
The husbands don't have a lot of free time, but when they do, we try to take advantage of it. John and Lexi are living with us because their apartment (right next to ours) won't be done for a couple weeks.. That means party all day and night! Today we went up Cedar canyon and took little Gus with us to swim and hike. He had a blast and was soooo worn out by the time we left. 

I just love him. I am convinced he is the absute cutest puppy in the world. 

Gus loves water, but he's so little that the current of the tiny river was making him float away and it scared him. 

Gus loves licking everyone's faces, but especially John's mouth and nose. 

He loves his daddy. 
Happy weekend! Only one more week until my favorite holiday of all time!! 
Xo Carly 

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