June 28, 2014


Bailey and I have wanted to go somewhere, anywhere, anytime basically for like... ever.  I got married, moved to Cedar, started school & golf and basically dropped off of the face of the planet.  Bailey moved to DC in January and we didn't see each other for months, let alone did we have time to travel anywhere together.  We have always wanted to go to Seattle inspired by our love for Grey's Anatomy (even though they hardly film in Seattle).  
A few years ago, my family went but I couldn't go because I had a high school volleyball camp.  Ever since then, I've been dying to go and it just so happened that a girl named Tatianna that Bailey knew was living in Seattle for the summer.  We both saw her amazing Instagram posts and knew we had to make a trip!  My brother, Nick, has Crohn's disease and was already planning on driving up to Seattle to be a counselor at a Crohn's camp.  Long story short, Bailey and I booked the flight a week before we were going to leave and hopped in the car with Nick for a 15 (I don't know the real number) hour long drive! 
It worked out for me because I don't have a job or anything going on in Cedar right now.  Race has school and basketball basically all day, everyday so I figured now was the perfect time to go!  I had the hardest time leaving my perfect little puppy Gus and my cute husband, but I was so excited to finally spend some fun time with my best friend!  It was perfect timing because Race's last day of school was the day after I got home.  I've never been so happy to see my darling pup and husband.  We're headed to Richfield for the 4th of July next week and I couldn't be more ecstatic! 
It's definitely been a trip to remember.  We laughed a lot, walked a lot, instagrammed a lot, posed for pictures a lot, and ate a lot.  I know you guys think I put every picture I took on Instagram, but I DIDN'T.  Here's photo after photo to prove how fun those five days were:

The more I saw pictures of me in this shirt, the more I realized it looks like I went to Walmart, ripped open a Hanes XL Men's white v-neck, and wore it to Seattle.  It really is a cute shirt.  But whatever. 

 raebailey took a picture of my ring on her hand and tweeted it.  It ended up on the jumbotron.  #score

#sistasinseattle ... more like #lesbiansinseattle or that's what everyone thought hahaha. 

Thanks Tati, Mikaela, and @raebailey (I called Bailey that the whole trip) for a trip to remember!

So happy to be back where my skin doesn't look like I rubbed butter all over it and where my feet don't hurt and where I can eat better and where I can cuddle with my cute husband and puppy.
I love Utah.

xo Carly

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  1. um, you're the cutest, and I want to go to mer's house right now.