July 15, 2014

4th of July - my FAVORITE!

The 4th of July in Richfield is hands down my favorite time of the year.  The 3 on 3 basketball, diaper derby, Main Street parade, navajo tacos in the park, sand volleyball, wiffle ball in my backyard, homemade rootbeer, barbecued shrimp, loads of food, family and friends I rarely see, baking and cooking festive foods, motorcycle and moped rides, picture taking, cute red and blue outfits, fireworks, and razor rides on the mountain...... I literally cannot think of anything I thoroughly enjoy more.
I don't think there's a person from Richfield that doesn't like the 4th! It's not just a day in Richfield... We celebrate all week! I could relieve this time of the year over and over again and never get sick of it.
This year, I went home on Tuesday, a few days before the 4th, because Race had basketball (surprised?).  My mom, sisters, and I went shopping, got pedicures, made good food, and played with the puppies.  We had seven animals in my house!  Five dogs and two cats; it was a madhouse! 
Race, John, and Lexi got to Richfield Wednesday night. We went to the old-new mini golf course.  I lost to John on the 19th hole DANG IT.  

The next day, Race, John, and Logan played in the 3 on 3.  My brother and cousins played as well.  "Married plus Logan" won the tournament! It was so fun to watch them play and see everyone the day before the 4th.

Wayyyyyy good quality pic ^^

 My festive 4th of July cake I made.  I overcooked it a little, but it was still a hit at the party!

At the famous parade! We have sat at the same spot every year since I can remember: right by the City Park! We had to go park a truck there the Tuesday before the 4th because the seats are in such high demand!

Amanda + Dusty

 This was the only pic I got at the horse races. ^ Unusual, I know.  I had never been and Race's parents wanted us to come, so we went. It was kind of fun and a new experience for me, but they take so long between races! :/
 Haha. I love this picture.  If anyone comes near Gus, he literally plops over onto his back so whoever it is will rub his belly. It's so precious and hilarious.
We didn't have a moped around to ride for our traditional 4th of July ride, so we took this baby instead to go pick up the fireworks. It was scary.

 My parents are re-stuccoing and landscaping our house. The stucco didn't get done before the big 4th of July festivities, obviously. ;) But it's starting to look great!!

 They lined the pipe with firecrackers.. It took like four minutes once they lit it off to completely unravel... It was awesome. My dad does fireworks well.
 Richfield is SO cool that it had a monopoly made resembling it. Amazing.

Oh hey, Dex. My dad does a big shrimp barbecue every 4th and family, friends, neighbors, and even strangers come. It's the best!

My cute in-laws minus Jadie and Jackson and baby S. :)

Race's cute little sister, Macie, and her boyfriend Dyson.

The missionaries came over for the party and I caught this Elder holding and playing with Gus so many times. I went over and asked if I could get a picture of them, and it turns out he has a toy Aussie at home! He showed me a cute picture and was just in love with little Gus Bus.
My grandma and Abby. She gives Abby a sleeping pill every year because if we didn't the fireworks would literally give her a heart attack. She was so out of it, it was hilarious.

 The next day, we went on a razor ride up to Race's cabin and stayed the night. Gus LOVED the razor!

 I wish I would have had my camera; these iPhone pics did NOT do that Monroe Mountain sunset justice!

God has blessed me with a wonderful country, family, and friends. I can't wait for next 4th of July!

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