July 16, 2014

Honeymoon in Hawaii

I know, I know. Our honeymoon was almost a year ago. But these pictures are pretty, in my biased opinion, so I want to share them. I want to share them and these memories with myself especially, because I am starting to forget the beautiful details of this special week, and I don't want to continue forgetting them. 
We spent our first week of marriage together in Maui, Hawaii at the Wailea Beach Marriott Resort. We got told two things: One, go someplace relaxing for your honeymoon. You'll just want to enjoy each other. Two, go someplace with a lot to do, because you may get bored of laying around for a week. We chose the former... we wanted to relax; our honeymoon was nothing short of exquisite after a summer of assiduous wedding planning. We spent each day by the beach and pool; in our room watching movies we were too busy to watch that summer (that may sound weird, but we were freakin' tired). (We watched "The Impossible" - probably not the smartest move while staying a week near the ocean.) We ate delicious food constantly and sipped pina coladas daily.
We went on a dinner cruise (with a bunch of drunken adults who couldn't believe how old young we were). There was a buffet of crab, prime rib, lobster, shrimp, salads, drinks, and desserts. Nothing better. The pictures below caught a glimpse just how stunning that night was.
We went snorkeling once because Race was terrified. Of sharks, not swimming. I, the snorkel guide, and hotel crew reassured him that there would be no sharks nearby because they only creep up to shore when storms hit. Well, we didn't see any sharks while snorkeling.. But there were two shark attacks while we were in Maui. One on the other side of the island, and one on the beach we were staying at. Luckily, that's the day we were snorkeling miles away. I overheard people at the resort talking about the latter shark attack the next day, and I decided to keep it a secret from Race because I didn't want to stay out of the water because of a fear. He found out eventually and was not happy with me. I think I saved his life. ;)
They told us not to touch the turtles while, but I did anyway. We saw dozens of dolphins and people swimming and chasing them in the open water. Snorkeling was a blast! Sure glad I didn't drop my phone to the bottom of the ocean. Thank you, Lifeproof iPhone case.
We went golfing (because who doesn't go golfing in Hawaii? My, oh my, it was breath-taking...) I'm just glad I don't have to play golf in that wretched humidity. Thank you, Utah, for your dry air.
We hot tubbed and played in the pool and I'm pretty sure grossed people out with our constant PDA. But we were honeymooning... who cares? Race just told me as I'm writing this, "Don't you get into the nitty, gritty details of that week on that blog". Haha. I won't.
 It was a dream turned into reality: a week in paradise with my high school sweetheart.
I wish I would have snapped more pictures (you're going to wonder, "why?" when you see all photos below), but the resort was absolutely gorgeous. The infinity pools and saturated, multicolored sunsets were my favorite. It was perfect for an intimate but fun week with my honey.

 See what I mean about the sunsets!!!!!

 The view from our room. ^

 Infinity pool. ^ Wish I would have gotten more pictures of that.

That post was unapologetically long. They usually are, but they're for me. 
I will forever be grateful for the week spent in paradise with my love.


  1. After looking at your honeymoon pics, don't you wish you could go on a second one!? I'm dying for a romantic trip again! So fun, and those sailing pictures were to die for.

    1. Yes, exactly why I love looking through them so much! Thank you!!