July 10, 2014

Mini vaca

July 6th - 12th we went up to Ogden/Salt Lake. The Monday-Wednesday my mom, all of my siblings, Claira Belle, some friends and I watched my dad and brother play in the Utah State golf Amateur. They did great! My dad got into match play which is huge, but didn't win his first match. (Disregard if you don't know a thing about golf.)
We went to Lagoon Wednesday night, per Kate-the-chosen-one's request! ;) It was super fun but I remember Lagoon being SO much bigger as a child hahaha! My favorite ride, the SkyCoaster, was sold out by the time we went to get tickets. So upsetting! 
After Lagoon, my mom, sisters, and I drove to Salt Lake to stay at the Little America. But of course  we snuck over to the Grand America'a pool haha. So, so nice. 
We hung out by the pool, went to City Creek, ate a LOT of delicious food, and on Friday night went to one of our favorite musicals Wicked!
Here are a thousand pictures, as always, of my week. (Another week away from Race and Gus. Let's just say me and Basketball are not on the best terms right now, but it's definitely the last time of the summer that I'll leave my cute little family alone in Cedar.)

Ogden is pretty old but has some really cute, old-fashioned places. This is Farr's ice cream. So darling!

Brigham City temple drive-by!


Pool food😍

We went shopping at City Creek then to a Mexican restaurant I kept hearing about called Alamexo. I would go back just for the guac and (free) churros. 

Went to the famous Banbury Cross! We seriously had the best food the whole trip.
The newest addition to my Alex and Ani collection! 
Isn't my baby sis so so so darling?
The Five Alls - a cute, European medieval restaurant that feeds you FIVE COURSES. So good, so filling. Food is life. 

Wicked was seriously amazing. I swear plays at Capitol Theatre and Kingsbury Hall never leave me disappointed. I loved being there with my mom and sisters. 

One more quick thing - I just have to say, the shoes I'm wearing are NOT Birks! When I passed by these in Steve Madden, my sister and I HAD to get them. They look a little slimmer and more form fitting than Birks, is what the girl in Steve Madden told me. (I'll trust the shoe gurus, because I've never tried on a pair of Birks.) Basically I probably would have never gotten them because they're so expensive. :( the ones I bought are WAY cheaper than Birks. I've heard Birks are usually between $100-250 and mine were $70. Win win win win. (Sorry about the soapbox.)
Finally home to my Gus Bus!!! I came home to a very clean house and clean car (which was desperately needed). I couldn't love my husband more!!

Happy week with my cute family but very happy to be home!! Have a good week!  

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