July 27, 2014

24th of July

Our 24th of July weekend started off at the pool. We then headed home for Monroe's famous Pioneer Day and 3 on 3 basketball tournament. Race's parents are in charge of the 3 on 3 so we went. We celebrated the Pioneers at the park eating, then we went up to Fishlake with Race's family and ate. (Our life revolves around eating.)
When we got back to Cedar, we went to St. George one night, went shopping (Race tried on skinny jeans!), mini golfing, to Fractured Prune, and Pasta Factory with Lexi, John, Amanda, and Dusty. 
We then went to our new ward and just relaxed on Sunday! 
Great weekend! As always, here are a few pictures to represent it. :)

This rain, though... It's seriously the best.

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