August 17, 2014

Alaska in a thousand pictures #jorgalaskapalooza

My fam kind of made a 180 for our yearly vacation this year and headed on a Royal Caribbean cruise to Alaska. Normally, the Jorgensen crew is attracted to warm weather: pools, golf courses, beaches, etc. but we decided to broaden our horizons. And let me tell you, it was BREATHTAKING. I am ecstatic we chose a different route this year and experienced a new breath of fresh air. 
First and foremost, I am so thankful for my dad and mom, who work hard each day so we can play hard many times a year. Our family wouldn't be our family if it wasn't for the trips we take. I like to believe we are a very tight knit family and nothing makes me happier. At the end of the trip, we went around the dinner table stating the "pit and the peak" of the trip. Everyone stated that the zipline was the peak, but my sentimental dad said, "My favorite part is just being together and enjoying each other's company all week." Seriously, though, that was definitely the peak of the trip.
Thanks for everything, folks!
We flew out of Vegas into Vancouver, where the ship took off. We sailed the rest of that day and the whole next day. We played a lot of mini golf (while it was warm enough), hot tubbed, played poker as a family, ate a lot, and went to the movies (yes, the cruiseship had a movie theater inside.)
We then arrived in rainy, charming Ketchikan. We explored the souvenir shop, then took a tour to see bears (with no luck), then went to the largest totem pole park in the Alaska. The landscape is so dreamy everywhere in Alaska, and Ketchikan was no disappointment (as you can tell by the pics).


 You better believe we went into the Popcorn Emporium..... You also better believe we bought way too much of it. MY FAVORITE.
 It was our anniversary this day too, and Ketchikan was the perfect place to spend our 365 in. :)

Race was so thoughtful in his gifts this year. He picked out that temple photo himself! He also got me a journal and an Alex and Ani bracelet to add to my collection. I love it and him!

Next stop: Icy Strait Point

 The world's longest zipline: ABSOLUTELY INSANE. It was foggy, so basically like ten feet after you started, you just dropped off into the abyss. It took 45 minutes to drive up and 90 seconds to get down. It was even taller than the empire state building!

 Easily, easily, easily one of the coolest things I've ever done. BUT, when you're going 60+ mph, it's hard to know when you only video 17 seconds instead of 90. Yes, I was infuriated, but at least I got some footage instead of none.
Also... cute goggles right? Haha. (I think you have to be on your computer to view the video above... Not sure though.)
Basically, we were going so fast that you would completely lose your breath and pretty much start suffocating. It was awesome haha. 
Perfect, right? Well, there's more perfectness coming up. 


 We were supposed to go to the world famous ice caves, but there were flash floods that stopped us. DANG IT. So we went to Mendenhall glacier (that big white mass in the back.) It was stunning, unlike anything I've ever seen. 

 SO much crab. Too good. 

 Last stop: Skagway

We took a train ride up into the mountains of Skagway. The views were incredible, but I didn't get any good pictures. #1, pictures through a window always turn out bad. #2, I was too in awe with the beauty that I didn't take out my camera enough. There was an endless amount of waterfalls, greenery, mine history, etc. The pretty train was the very best part! 

Final final stop (aka where we flew out of) Anchorage:

Our beautiful, breathtaking trip to Alaska was exactly what we needed. We celebrated our first anniversary, Amanda's 26th birthday, and my parents 30th anniversary that will be in September. It was a perfect way to end the summer (and to get away from the scorching heat!)

Thanks again, mom and dad. 

xo Carly

ps....... sorry for the thousands of pictures. I couldn't help it. As always. 


  1. I am so glad you got to experience the great northwest! So beautiful! I seriously love it up there! Your trip looked amazing! Thanks for sharing! Love ya!

  2. You have THE cutest clothes, and it makes me realize I could never visit Alaska and look as cute as you! How fun...I've always wanted to visit since The Proposal (even though that was filmed elsewhere :) )