August 5, 2014

Another weekend and a few days on Monroe Mountain

As always, here is an overwhelming amount of my life in pictures:
My uncle has an alpaca farm. It's kind of hilarious. A selfie with them is always necessary. 
My friend Jaleigh from high school got married, so all five of us blondes were able to reunite! It was lovely. 
I was asked to model some clothes for the Recycled Consign and Design lookbook. It was so so much fun and kind of a new experience for me! 

Almost every time we go home we go to the mini golf course. 

We headed to Race's cabin for a few days before my family goes on a cruise to Alaska. 
Spending many days in the mountain is a little out of my element, but I have grown to enjoy it. After all, who doesn't like wearing pajamas almost all day, not wearing makeup, napping, eating a lot, watching movies on end, and being with family all day? 

We went fishing Monday and Dyson, Macie's boyfriend, was the only one that caught anything. 

I'm wearing camoflauge. What?
This guy right here is the absolute best. It was his only wish (with his three weeks off of basketball/school) to spend a few days on the mountain before we went on our trip. Pretty selfless, if you ask me. I suppose if he had it his way, he would spend all three weeks up here! Haha. But I love him and although I don't think being on the mountain would be my first choice of vacation, I've grown to love it up here because of him and his love for it. I for sure married a farmer/mountain man. I love it! (Most of the time.) :)
Gus provides us with constant entertainment. 
Race snapped this picture of us napping. So so precious. 
Gus literally tries to jump out the window in the car, especially when we pass cows/deer/elk haha. 
"Which way do I hold it?"
I HATE fish. But I had to sacrifice my dry, not slimy hands just for the picture. You can obviously tell how much I love fish haha. Fishing is fun, fish aren't. 
Trying to smile. 
Yep, that's my dog trying to take a bite out of a fish. Later on he ACTUALLY bit part of the poor fish's tail off..... Oops. 

Seriously, Monroe Mountain? You take my breath away. 

The crew! We caught 23 fish..... Oops. 
How CUTE is my little sister??? She's the one that loves fishing, hunting, etc. so sometimes we joke that her and Race would have been more compatible. ;)

This is Race's family's cabin. It's a cozy place nestled in the woods. We love it up here!!! 

Gus and Race's dog Sophie. Although she's a Border Collie and Gus is an Australian Shepherd, they have the same mannerisms. They play all day and cuddle up at night. She is much bigger than him and still they tumble around. It's so so cute and funny. Sorry for the blurry picture. 
And while we were gone, my dad sent us this picture of Dexter. He is an inside/house dog so you can imagine my mom's excitement when he came home covered in mud. My dad probably had to come home from work and bathe him (it takes about an hour to bathe the lug so that's fun.)

It was a splendid few days. Now to go home, shower, pack, then head off to Alaska!!

Xo Carly


  1. You have an amazing nack for photography! Sure enjoyed those few days :)