November 28, 2014

Thanks Thanksgiving!

For Thanksgiving, Race and I headed home late after his game on Wednesday night. Last year we had Thanksgiving with Race's family, so this year it was with mine at the bowling alley. (It was funny to see comments on family members' pictures that were like "What poor bowling alley is open on Thanksgiving?" Haha, Jorgensen's Lanes is, but only for the Jorgensen's. :)) We ate SO much food, bowled, and played arcade games. It was so nice to see family who we hadn't seen in a while. It was also really good to have Race with me for Thanksgiving, because he is leaving today (the day after Thanksgiving) for another road trip. :( I am so grateful, though, that we could even have one day together with our families! After we ate dinner and hung out at the bowling alley for a while, we finally got a ride in our plane! My dad and uncle bought a plane a while back, and since then a couple of my cousins have gotten their pilot license. So my cousin took me, Race, and Kate flying up around the valley. It was awesome, and I can totally see how that can be such a hobby and a rush for some people! Who knows, maybe one day I'll get my license. :) Afterwards, we went to Race's grandparents' house and visited with them and my in-laws. Then we headed home at about 10! Race leaves in a couple hours. I'm sure I'll just spend the rest of the weekend online shopping - the deals going on right now are amazing! But my mom is making me ship them to her house so I don't wear anything before Christmas. Hahaha. She knows me too well! Here are a bunch of pictures from our 20 hours at home! 

I hadn't seen baby Heat for a couple weeks! He is such a chunker, I love him. 

When everyone is home, it's a madhouse! We have five dogs and two cats... You can't even imagine how chaotic it is! For example: I woke up early Thanksgiving morning to make my favorite chocolate pumpkin chocolate chip cookies... Well, as I'm doing my hair upstairs, I hear my mom scream downstairs. I run down there and all of my cookies had fallen to the floor. Supposedly, the dogs were chasing one of the cats and the cat jumped up on the counter and knocked down all of my cookies. I was a bit frustrated, haha.

Hahaha we told my dad that we think we need to be the new models for the Jorgensen Ford advertisements. ;)

I couldn't ask for a better family! 

My dad owns a bowling alley and I think this was the second time I ever saw my dad bowl... and he is really really good! 

And, of course, my dad wore size 14 shoes to bowl in. Only him hahaha!!!! 

We were a little bit skeptic to fly... 

We were able to spot my house pretty easily with the bright red and blue sport court in the backyard. :) 

RHS being demolished! A view that most people aren't going to see. :) 

It was so nice to be home after a long month away! Here's to another week of school, then finals, and then freedom for the holidays! I love this time of year! (Except being alone when race leaves me  :) good thing I have Gus!)


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