December 29, 2014

Christmas and then some

Wow, December went by so fast! I am still having nightmares that I am failing or missing my finals. Thank goodness they are over, and I have a week left until school starts again! I'm actually excited... I love school. :)
This last month has been crazy busy. Race has only been home for about 10 out of the 29 days so far, and was gone for over a week straight... and he leaves again New Year's Eve. He did get to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at home with me, which was heaven-sent, but let me tell ya... Having to say goodbye to my husband on Christmas Day was one of the hardest moments of college basketball! He leaves again on New Year's Eve... So yeah. I'm pretty lonely, to say the least. I keep counting my blessings that I have the cutest pup in the world to keep me company... And to keep me sane! I have been hitting the roads a lot, that's for sure. I hate staying home alone.
Anyway, here are some pictures from the last month!
I gifted this painting of our little fam to Race this year for Christmas. I don't think I've ever seen anything cuter, especially of Gus!

My mom, sisters, and I went up north for a few days! We went to "A Christmas Carol" at Hale Center Theatre and it was wonderful and entertaining!
Obviously, we went shopping... A little too much shopping, to say the least! Thanks mama!

Because I was on the road constantly to Salt Lake and Vegas during the break, Gus stayed at my parents house and I don't think I've ever missed him more in my life! 
My dad found him alone in my bedroom on the bed more than once in the middle of the night... I died. So freakin cute that he knows where I sleep and is sad I'm not there! He is such an emotional and sensitive dog; I love him! 

I went to Vegas the 22nd and 23rd with Race's parents to watch him play. He played really well the first day, but didn't play much the next game. But they finally won a game, yay!

I was so happy to have him back for two days!
Heat was sick during Christmas, but as always, so cuddly and chubby and perfect!

We got Gus an Adidog jersey... It was too small, but he didn't mind. He is so fat. 
Gus and Gunner... Best buds :)
We were definitely spoiled this Christmas. I got Race: Xbox One, clothes, the painting I posted above, gift cards, a neck pillow for traveling ;), ties and church socks, and other little nick nacks. Race got me: Olloclip iPhone lens, King size heat blanket for our bed, "The Book of Us", Madewell gift card, and other little things I had been wanting! Race got some hunting things from his parents and I got a cute leather travel bag and Urban Decay makeup from his parents! My parents got Race a MacBook charger (kinda a boring gift, but Gus chewed our other one), and some nice Bose headphones! My parents surprised me with a new Nikon camera and some clothes! We were all spoiled- my dad got my mom a massage chair... Haha it sits in our living room but is soooo nice! We are also going on a family cruise this summer, which will be way fun! 
All in all, we had an amazing Christmas - I think the best one yet!
He is my favorite. 
My bestie since birth got married to her sweetheart the day after Christmas. Hallie moved away when we were young but we've stayed in touch since. And GET THIS: her husband's name is RAYCE! I know, we died too!! 
I snapped this pic of Rayce and Hallie's son before the wedding... Tears!

Yeah, that gym was pretty big. Even though SUU got beat by a wide margin, it was still a fun experience to play in such a big gym. Gotta be positive, right?! 
Us at Christmas four years ago!!!!!!! Babies!

When Race got home from Vegas, he turned around and came back to STG to hang out with my family. We went to "Unbroken" (go see it, now) and to dinner. We love STG more than anything! 

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