April 1, 2015

Best Spring Break EVER (aka Skydiving & Birthday & Paris Surprise!!!)

You guys, when school let out for Spring Break I was excited, but I wasn't even ready for how great of a Spring Break we were about to have. However, I couldn't let myself get prematurely excited because I wasn't sure if Race was going to be able to get the week off. Well, after his last game of the season, we found out he got the week off and glory, hallelujah! No joke, he hadn't had a day off since Christmas except for Sundays and even then he only had two days off for Christmas break. We were exhilarated to be able to spend a week together in St. George. I had NO idea just how amazing that week would be. I was able to get work off so we made a long list of things we wanted to do and places we wanted to eat. We went golfing, laid out by the pool, hot tubbed, shopped for my birthday, went to the temple, hung out with friends, watched movies in the theater room, ate delicious food, and taught Gus to swim! 

I have been wanting to go skydiving basically since the time I came out of the womb. Race and I were going to go in Moab for my 18th birthday and ended up getting cancelled on because it was so windy. Flash forward a couple of years and I was in no way, shape, or form going to miss an opportunity to skydive at Skydive Zion for my 20th birthday! Of course, Race is too chicken to dive out of a plane so I asked my adventure junky brother Ben if he wanted to go, and he was down! My birthday was right after Spring Break so that's what I asked my parents for my birthday. Skydiving was even more exhilarating than I thought it was going to be, and I gained such an adrenaline rush from it. No doubt about it, I'm going to be going many more times. I can't wait to be able to do it by myself anytime I want! I've always been sort of an adrenaline junky, but as I've gotten older, there are only some things that I'm extremely daring at. Anyway, it was an amazing experience flying over the beautiful views of Zion National Park at 14,000 feet. I'll try to post the video soon. P.S..... They call it sky DIVING for a reason. People say you jump out of the plane. Nope. You dive. The wind is going so fast that you can barely stand up on the tiny little extended platform.

The rest of my family got to St. George Friday night and I had to work Saturday morning. When I got back, Gus was jumping in the pool by himself! I about died. My dad said it only took a few "shoves" and Gus was jumping in solo after his toys! The pool was full of black Gus hair. Yummy. :) Anyway, we went to the Bit & Spur in Springdale Saturday night and then celebrated my birthday Sunday by laying out all day (I have never been so lobster-looking) and later that evening had a little get together for my 20th. My mom made a plethora of green food - she's so cute. We had a green Southwestern salad, jalepeno chicken casserole, pistachio dessert, and cucumber punch. Anyway, like I said before, I asked for skydiving for my birthday from my parents so I was definitely not expecting anything else from them besides the little Book of Mormon guide and treats they got me. After I got done opening other presents, my mom came over and handed me some lotion and a card. The lotion is the kind from Bath and Body that is extremely fragrant. My mom knows I don't like fragrant lotion (I use baby lotion) so I was a little confused but smiled and put it in the bag. Then I opened the card that had Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz on the front that read: "There's no place like Paris, there's no place like Paris, there's no place like Paris".... Right when I read "Paris", I started bawling and saying, "Are you freaking kidding me?!" over and over again (see Instagram or Facebook for that freaking video). I was SO surprised; I knew my mom and Kate were going to Paris in June for a school trip, and while I was jealous because I've never been to Europe, I was just simply excited for them and never asked to go. Amanda is coming as well, and I couldn't be more thrilled to be able to spend 9 days in Paris with my mom and sisters (and Kate's high school friends;)). Flashback to that lotion my mom gave me before opening the card: the lotion was called "Paris" and obviously I didn't get the clue hahaha. She asked for the lotion back afterwards cause she knows I don't like it hahahahaha. 

Well, there ya have it. Best Spring Break EVER! Now back to the grind of school (only four weeks left, yippee!) 

Were you getting worried I didn't take any pics? ;)

I hadn't golfed in a minute and I actually didn't play too shabby... Even though I three putted almost every single hole. ;) It was good to be back out on the links, especially since the weather was on par - no pun intended... maybe.

Gus seriously could not stay out of the water. He loved it so much!!

My boys were pooped after a long day of fun. ;)

We went on a long overdue date to the temple with our cute friends Amanda & Kyler. The answers and feelings experienced in the temple are unlike anything else. 

YOU GUYS. SKYDIVING = more amazing than anything I've ever done. Except maybe get married.

On Monday, my actual birthday, I basically did homework all day and had volleyball games that night. Basically it sucked but when the florist showed up to my door with these roses from Race I was more than a happy 20 year old! 

Could you die? I am obsessed with my dog. And my husband. Times a hundred.

 Amanda and Kyler got married the next Friday and it was such a beautiful and happy ceremony and first day of Spring. We are so lucky to have such good friends!

Since the weather has gotten warmer, we have been taking Gus out catching frisbees a lot. He loves it and I don't mind sun bathing while Race and Gus play. :)

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