April 16, 2015

My Magician of a Husband

You guys, I am 110% sure I married the best possible guy I could have married.

Let me just break it down for you: 

With finals week merely under our belts, things have been a tad stressful. We have been moving to another place in Cedar over the last week and Race has literally done all of the work for that; phone calls and text messages back and forth to the landlord, deposits deposited, items we no longer want/need sold or donated, and driving past the place to see if it's something we for sure want have been all completed by that husband of mine! He's spent late nights after work, games, and finals moving all of our heavy, heavy stuff from one apartment to another. On Thursday night he moved our couch, bed, washer and dryer, and other giant things until 3 AM. I was uselessly laying on our closet floor being all dramatic, saying moving was the worst thing to ever happen to me and he was there putting together our bed and getting everything set up. Friday morning he went to work at 7 am to 11 am (on four hours of sleep) so he could go back to our old apartment and clean while I was at work. The best guy, right?! We have had some help from our family and friends as well- you know who you are; thank you, thank you, thank you! Banana bread will arrive shortly. 

School is over now, but Race went to school everyday and had weight lifting every other morning at 6:45. He didn't come back home after that because he either had a basketball workout or class right after weights. Generally he had class until the afternoon and only sometimes got to come back home before he had to go to another workout or take a test or study or yada yada yada. Oh and let's talk about his classes. YUCK---- being a finance major is probably the thing I would want to do least in this world, but he gets it done. He usually had at LEAST one test a week and I swear, swear, swear was ALWAYS doing taxes. He did a volunteer tax return service program for SUU as well as a bunch of tax tests and assignments. He even did our taxes, and it was kind of hot. ;) Can you think of anything worse? HA but he loves it and is so good at it. He pulled off this semester with killer grades, as always, and I just don't know how he juggles it all! It kills me because I rarely have tests, just papers and presentations. ;) 

THANK GOODNESS for a little bit of a break - except he is taking summer classes so see ya! (I sound like a slacker but I am almost done with my Bachelor's and wouldn't have enough classes left to take next fall and spring to be eligible for my scholarship if I were to take summer classes.)

Anyway, after his morning schedule that goes into the afternoon, he went to his new job. Which ISN'T time for him to relax. He got a summer job doing landscaping and lawn mowing and doesn't even complain about it! He actually loves it. A couple weeks ago the wind was blowing at least a thousand mph and the next day it snowed like mad and he was still out there working like a man. He grew up on a farm and loves dirty work so I just let him love it while I work in my little boutique and watch Harry Potter afterwards. 

Next to his new job he helps coach a little league baseball team and plays on a softball team! Crazy, right? I feel like there's not enough time in a day to do everything he does. But WAIT--- somehow, magically, when I get home, the laundry is started, the dishes done, the bed made, and the living room picked up (mostly Gus's bones and whatever else he's gotten into). Like, let's be real. I'm not complaining - I'm loving this! I'm all about the gender roles being equal in a relationship (like all about it) but in all seriousness I'm feeling like I'm slacking a bit in the household chore department. I'm pretty sure our marriage is: Race: does everything; Carly: gets home and occasionally cooks dinner then watches HP. I sound lazy, but compared to him, I am.

Then Race always does (did) homework and brings me chocolate milk or Oreos and milk in bed. Sometimes he even washes my hair (TMI????) and occasionally blow dries it. He even helped me with my Human Development or Psychology homework and listens to my fascination with the things I'm learning! My favorite is when he brings me a peanut butter cookie and peach lemonade to work. And takes our dog to the park to play with his frisbee. He also just got a new calling in our Ward and of course is going to be doing an A+ job at that. He laughs at my jokes, holds me and laughs/cries with me after I fall down the stairs, watches cheesy movies with me, lets me take pictures of him, doesn't get mad at me when I want to go shopping, lets me go to Centro ten times a week even though it's not his kind of pizza, cuddles me after my nightly nightmare, allows me to take up the majority of our closet space, etc etc etc etc etc. Literally I could go on and on about how selfless Race is. We took a love language quiz a while back and, if you can't tell, I feel loved by someone when they perform acts of service for me. He is such a good guy to love and be loved by!!!! I don't know what I ever did to score such blessings. 

Juggling school, basketball, work, helping with baseball, playing on a softball team (he hit two home runs and a grand slam the first night, plus made two killer run-into-the-fence-and-dive-catches) and being the ALL-TIME best husband literally seems like an impossible task. Race isn't the only one who can score in this relationship (dumb analogy?) I score everyday with my husband. AND I SCORED BIG. 

Loves!!!! (As Race says to me every morning before he leaves),


PS- don't expect me to ever stop bragging about him, because I expect him to keep being pretty darn great. 

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